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October 22, 2010

Questions raised about XCell Center

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WOW! My daughter's experience at the Xcell Center in Dusseldorf was amazing. She had a
stem cell transplant with very happy improvements. I was planning on returning.
Very disappointed that it is closed. With so many
patients doing the lumbar pucture and stem cell
transplant without complications! I would never
have chosen to have stem cells injection any other way than a lumbar pucture....

Your story is indeed unfortunate, thank you for sharing it. If there are any significant updates to this or related issues, we will post on this blog. In the meantime, we hope you are successful in obtaining a return on your deposit and that your grandson regains some of his former happiness.

We had a devastating experience with the XCell Center in Dusseldorf - as recent as two weeks ago - and it is still ongoing

For seven months did we work on sorting out the logistic of our visit to the XCell Center in Dusseldorf.

I sold my house in order to pay for the trip and the treatment of my grandson. For the entire seven months, my grandson lived! for this trip - he watched all the "Patient Story Videos" several times a day

I have been in contact with Anne Clausen from the Center all the time. I have often asked after any negative experiences et al - and always the answer to the negative - no negative incidents at all

I had to pay our flights in full - R36 000+, as well as the accommodation R9 000+ - in order to apply for our travel visas - which cost another R2 100

I paid a deposit of R10 000 to the Center - way back, to confirm our treatment dates.

Anne Clausen from the center put a lot of pressure on me to pay the deposit soonest

For weeks on end our travel date was set for 28 April 2011 - with August's first treatment scheduled for 2 May 2011

Late afternoon of the 27th April - a day before our departure, Anne phoned me to share with me - the government has stopped all stem cell treatment at the XCell Center in Germany.

She could give me no reason for the termination of the treatment - but said "Oh well the weather is nice - come for a holiday instead"

We decided to fly in any case - as we would not be reimbursed for flights or accommodation.

I went to see Anne at the center on Monday 2 May - and she insisted she could tell me nothing more.

I contacted the national as well as local governments - the local government confirmed that they had been in discussions with the management team of the Center for months on end re the issues experienced

I met with the COO - Dr Bennay on the Wednesday, and he openly shared all with me - of the fatality, of the communications from the government for months on end

When I asked - why did they not give us any indication of these issues - his reply "we were hoping all along that things would come right"

I asked him if they ever considered the effect on a cerebral palsied young boy - who has been living! for the day he could be treated. A brilliant young boy - who cannot use any of his limbs

Long story short - it is now two weeks later - none of my emails to the Center are answered, and when I phone - the phone rings for a very long time, then a woman answers who insists nobody is there, and she cannot speak English

Apart from the emotional suffering of my grandson - he is suffering from depression at this stage - and all the costs incurred -

I have paid R10 000 deposit to the XCell Center - for treatment which never took place

and they have just disappeared into thin air - shocking!

Surely there are other families in the same situation? This is daylight robbery to say the least

The names of everyone at the Center should be published across the internet - in order to prevent these "professionals" to ever do business anywhere again - as long as they live

I cannot explain the immense pain and heartache to see my dearest grandson suffer as he is suffering currently. He used to be such a happy, smiling young boy prior to this shocking experience

These guys will have to please explain one day soon - and I certainly do not want to be in their shoes when it gets to the explaining bit...

Elmarie Bouwer, South Africa

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