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December 01, 2010

And the winner is...

Of all the projects we run out of our small admin office, certainly one of the more visually compelling is the Cells I See art contest. As a side event at the Network's scientific meeting, Cells I See usually elicits a great deal of buzz, as conference attendees speculate on what might be the winning entry. It's not unlike the lead-up to the Oscars, albeit on a much smaller scale -- and without the red carpet. How so? Well, an active campaign might just sway the vote.  

We all know that contenders for best film and director prizes at the Oscars spend a great deal of time and money trying to woo the Academy into tossing a statuette in their direction. How well that works is up for debate, but it makes one wonder about some of the winners over the years. Now, before anyone assumes that the winning Cells I See entries are perhaps not deserving of their award, let me assure you that this is not the case. While we have not always been able to predict the winners, they have always been among the best of the entries received. The point is, that, in at least two of the three years we've run the Cells I See contest, the winning entry has been the subject of a rather intense amount of campaigning by its supporters. Whether the campaigns have been enough to sway the outcome of the contest is anybody's guess. But it does make for some great entertainment at the conference. 

In the absence of our scientific meeting next year, we know there will be changes to the contest for 2011. Hopefully the fun of a good campaign will not be among them.

So, hearty congratulations to this year's winner, Kamal Garcha of the University of Toronto for his entry, "The Beauty of Pluripotency". Thanks to all those who entered - the entries this year were exceptional - and also to our Cells I See sponsor, Fate Therapeutics.

 Kamal Garcha - The Beauty of Pluripotency

Erika Murray - Pancreas Pisces

Craig Aarts - Sphere-ology 

Marta Szabat - Life Stages of a Beta Cell

Peter Tonge - All for one and one for all



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