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September 29, 2011

The skinny on stem cells and weight loss

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Hi there, I just came here in this blog and after reading the information about HCG, I got some useful points that can help me understand the HCG better. Thanks for the great review!!

Be careful when buying these diet pills. Not all can warrant health safety. Seek for professional help when needed.

I think people that complain about weight pills have either never tried them or just stayed in their old rut and were wondering why it isnt a magic pill.

Hi Paul,
If your article is aimed at the lay-person, it might be helpful to observe that exercise is good for reducing weight AND I understand that there is evidence that exercise does good things for your own adult stem cells! (You experts can probably locate relevant publications faster than me.)

So, a "good" stem cell therapy might be to take a little exercise?

We could all use a little positive stem cell spin!


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